Monday, July 2, 2007

Hialeah Park- Save the last gem of the roaring twenties!

Hialeah Park has earmed a dubious distinction- it is now on the National Trust of Historic Preservation's 2007 list of Eleven Most Endangered Historic Places. Hialeah Park is fourth on the list. Hialeah Park is one of the most beautiful architectural achievements still left in South Florida from the 1920's. No one seems to care that it is falling into disrepair and is seriously in danger of being lost forever. We have already lost all the great monuments to beautiful architecture from that era, such as the Roney Plaza Hotel and so many others. It's history is long and glorious, built in 1925 and visited by all the great dignataries of the 20th Century such as Winston Churchill and President Harry Truman. My Father fought long and hard to preserve the Truman bungalow that was on the south tip of Miami Beach, but no one cared and it was demolished in the 1980's. This should not be allowed to happen to Hialeah Park. We waste so many millions on ridiculous studies and projects in this country every year. Can we not do something to preserve this grand old facility that could not be recreated today for less than many millions? The City of Hialeah would love to have the park become just that-- a park, but they lack the funds to do so. Can't the federal or state government make this possible? Barring any other solution, can't the federal or state government declare it a park? Time is short and it's beauty and future is fading. Please help sponsor a solution for this archtectural gem! Write your federal or state congressman or senator now.You will be gratefully remembered in posterity for doing so.


Crafty Girly said...

I completely agree with you! Having been in Hialeah Park only a few times (once for my quincenera pictures, and once for a wedding) I would HATE to see this place demolished. I think it's a shame it's no longer being used as a track and finally had to admit defeat to places like Calder with absolutely no history and no personality whatsoever. I would hate for Hialeah Park to have the same death as the Marine Stadium.

Dave said...

Thanks Crafty Girly! Julio Robaina in the state legislature is trying to gain support to save the park. You can write him at

fla911girl said...

I have been saying these very same things for a couple of years now. Do you know that not even the media came out to document the tearing down of the stables on the west side of the park? I think that if it cant be saved as the Race Park, that it be utilized as a cultural arts center, and museum, about HIALEAH and its many kinds of residents from the 1920s till today. All of the different kinds of residents. Something that ALL OF THE DIFFERENT types of people that have lived here and continue to do so. From the primarily "anglo" population of the 1920s to the now mix of different latin peoples that occupy Hialeah of today. The history of the city, the origins of the names of our parks, so people can learn that they were real people that lived here, history of public safety, and pictures! LOTS OF PICTURES OF HIALEAH PARK, THE CITY, AND EVEN SOME OF THE OLD STORES WE HAD HERE.
There is no place in Hialeah where anyone can go with exception of the library where anyone can go and learn and appreciate the long history of Hialeah. Why cant the grandstand be restored, the pink flamingos remain, and build around that, a place where people can still go for wedding photo opps, quincineras, etc.
Old traditions such as these, can mix and meld with new ones. Surely this can be done.