Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Grew Up in South Miami if you remember...........

The Holsum Bakery and Restaurant on US 1
Joe's News on Sunset Drive
Connie Banko's swimsuit shop
Feeding the ducks at the Duck Pond
Dante Fascell Park where he served hotdogs and hamburgers on the 4th of July
Robert's Western Wear for saddles, bridles and all sorts of western gear
Sunset Drugs and the lunch counter there..yum!
Sunset Elementary
The old coral rock South Miami Library
Parrot Jungle and the parrots roosting on our trees before heading back there every night
The Depot Restaurant
Zips Sporting Goods
Doc's Feed Store
Kids riding their ponies down Red Road
Orr's Pond when it was a homestead and not a walled community!
The College Inn restaurant for tasty sandwhiches
Bob's Pipe and Tobacco store
Gardener's market on Red Road
Chief Tatum and the tough but lovable South Miami cops on the beat
Pencil Pines where Robert Frost spent his winter months
The Howard Johnson's Restaurant on US 1 with the all you can eat catfish lunch on Teusdays
The Moderne Book Shop on US 1
and Finally, Fox's Serron Inn that IS STILL THERE and serving tasty burgers and roast beef still!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Frankie's Pizza

Having done a piece on Arbetter's Hot Dog stand, I couldn't fail to also do one on Frankie's Pizza shop that has been in the same spot on Bird Road and 91st Street for over 55 years, just a few blocks away from Arbettter's. Now I consider myself a bit of a pizza expert having sampled all types throughout years of my travels in the USA and Italy. I also lived many years in NYC where some of the best pie in the US can be sampled on many different forms. Frankie's is the thin crust square pan type, one that folks in the northeastern part of the US will instantly recognize. If you're a deep dish pizza lover like Chicago style, this may not be your favorite, but if you like thin crispy crust lighter style pizza, Frankie's is one of the best in town and maybe in the top ten for the entire USA. I admit that since I grew up in the Shenandoah area of Miami, we mostly hung out and ate pizza at the old Pizza Palace on SW 8th Street and 31st Avenue, but in high school I did hit Frankie's up anytime we went to the Bird Bowl bowling alley or to a high school game that took us in that direction. Frank and Doreen Pasquarella came from Ohio and opened the original Frankie’s Famous Pizza in South Miami in 1955. Two years later, they moved their pizza shop to a small grocery store located on Bird Road. Back then, that area was like the wild west with practically no other shops around and some folks riding horses in the early morning hours. Frankie's is still run by Frankie’s daughters Renee and Roxanne Pasquarella and it looks identical to what it looked like in the early 60's when I first went there. It's a little hole-in-the-wall place that the minute you step inside you feel like you stepped back in time 40 years! If you decide to take a trip back in time, just remember that it is closed mondays and is a cash only joint.